Christopher Paolini Inheritance 4 Books Collection Pack Set [Paperback] Christopher Paolini


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Title In This Collection:-Painted in Blood 1242 AD and Europe is in flames once more. The King of France, Louis, has decided to stamp out the heretic faith of the Cathars once and for all. The trouble is that Petroc and his mentor, Captain de Montalhac are on the wrong side…For the Captain can no longer ignore his Cathar roots and heads for the Languedoc and war with his former patron. He takes with him not only gold, but also something far more valuable – a mysterious relic depicting the face of Jesus. This ”Cathar Crucifix” will rThe Vault of Bones In the darkness of 13th Century Europe, the most precious treasures of the Christian world lie in a small church in the great ruined city of Constantinople: the crown of thorns, the spear that pierced Jesus” side, the shroud bearing the imprint of Christ. On the other side of the globe, Petroc of Auneford sails into the sprawling Pool of London for the first time. He has left his old monastic world behind for that of the enigmatic Captain de Montalhac – purveyor of fine relics and other exotic tRelics England, 1235, and Brother Petroc is living a simple life as a novice monk. Struggling to keep his soul fairly clean and worrying most about resisting the local girls, he inadvertently stumbles headlong into vicious trap. Framed by a sinister Templar Knight for a brutal murder of a church official and accused of the theft of a priceless relic, he is forced to run for his life. But when his best friend Will is killed by the chasing knight, Petroc”s flight becomes a quest for restitution. Trust

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Covers have some scuffs, small creases, and wear along the corners edges. All books have clean inside pages with discolored outside edges. All bindings are secure.








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