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This is a book which, in the words of one critic, takes bullfighting by the throat. It is a magnificent illumination of the drama and art of the arena, it makes the reader himself a breathless spectator at some of the most thrilling fights in recent years. From the basic elements of the bullfight to the most subtle details Kenneth Tynan traces the development of the matador’s technique, with many examples from the careers of such immortals as Manolete, Litri. Ordonez, Dominguin and others. The superb photographs show the action of the fight stage by stage. Tynan also describes the breeding and selection of bulls, the secondary roles of the baderilleros and picadors, all the movements, tricks and even stage effects involved in the faena leading up to the kill. He has evoked in marvelous fashion the color, excitement, crowds and personalities surrounding the spectacle. Aside from being a guide to la fiesta brava, and one that no enthusiast will be without, this is brilliant example of the author’s devastating acumen and high appreciation of the bull ring. It is a book that could only have been inspired by the most dramatic of all spectacles.

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